Bring Me to the North

I woke up feeling delighted. The blinds were drawn but, in between the cracks, a dim light flood the entire room. Barefoot on the wooden floor, I walked till the window and with two fingers I separated the sheets of the blind, enough for finding an awesome picture: everything was covered in a fine mist that didn't let me see beyond the trees surrounding the house, creating a mystical atmosphere.

Without even taking off our pajamas, we dressed on our coats and left home. 

We walked around the house immersed in a silence that was only interrupted by the flow of a stream and the crunch of the frozen leaves below our boots.

We walked into the forest, following paths the fog made endless, and crossed a frozen field to be closer to a group of horses we saw from the distance. At that moment, holding my camera with frozen hands and staring at them, I strongly felt it, again: what you are looking for, exists.