The Summer of My 25s

This trip has meant a lot to me. I have gathered inspiration from everyone I've met, every walk and every book I've read along the way. I have been writing, taking pictures, swimming in the sea. I have seen the sunrise, I have smiled at strangers in museums, I have eaten ice-cream, I have cried of happiness, I have gotten soaked standing out in the rain.

I will be sharing some pieces of this intense but beautiful month here with you. Notes from my diaries, fragments of the books I have read, memories I don't want to ever forget. Because one day I will look back to the summer of my 25s and I will think: how lucky I was of  feeling everything I felt.


Big changes bring new things so, in relation to the past few years, this summer has been special. During the month of July I have been traveling around five different cities, visiting friends in some of them, and being on my own in some others.

I have learnt a lot about myself but, most important, I have also realized how rewarding is to strengthen ties with people you feel connected to, and how valuable are the experiences you get to share with them.

I have beautiful memories of every city I've visited, memories that are directly linked to people, and I'm deeply thankful to each and every one of them.